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GavernWP has SEO settings built — in which allow to overwrite WordPress standard SEO settings. After switching on «Use Gavern SEO settings» option, a lot of options connected with SEO will appear:

meetgavern-wp-settings1The first group of options is connected with page’s title:

  • Use blogname in title — this option allows to switch on showing a blogname in the title
  • Specify page title separator — it specifies a separator which is between a title description and a pages’s name
  • Set title description — it allows to specify page’s title description (the first part of a title — before a separator)
  • Set title blogname — it allows to specify page’s name (the second part of a title after a separator)

The remaining options allow to switch on advanced management of keywords and description metatags:


In the case of a homepage, these metatags values are specified in a SEO settings panel whereas in the case of subpages, there are two settings available for both metatags:

  • Disabled
  • Enabled (custom field in the post editor)

When you switch on these settings, under a posts editor two additional fields will appear:


If you fill them in, metatags used on one subpage with an entry will be created.

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